Criminal Law

To being a subject of the criminal law for a person begins with the application for a criminal investigation before the public prosecutor as a victim of a crime or initiation of a criminal investigation as a suspect of a crime.In this process, there may be many legal measures which directly affect the rights and freedoms of the person, from the collection of evidence by law enforcement agencies to the implementation of protection measures such as detention, arrest, search, conviction and judicial control. 

It is vital for the process to be carried out meticulously by an expert in criminal law, and for the persons to be represented diligently before judicial authorities and to use criminal procedural provisions properly, within the given periods, in order to protect the rights of the persons and to have the criminals punished by eliminating the victimhood in terms of complainant and the favorable provisions applied effectively in terms of the suspect or the defendant.

Our office, with the lawyers with many years of litigation experience in the field of Criminal Law and academic competency, provides legal services either in the criminal proceedings, such as detention, search and seizure, taking statements, arrest or provides proxy services in criminal cases.

Our Office, along with the conventional crimes such as, voluntary manslaughter, felonious injury, threat, defamation, larceny, swindling, embezzlement, sexual abuse, provides qualified legal services in the fields requiring special expertise such as;
• cyber crimes, 
• sports crimes,
• financial crimes,
• press crimes,
• medical crimes,
• construction crimes,
• tender crimes