IT Law

Our office, with many years of experience in the field of IT law, provides proxy, consultancy and training services regarding criminal investigations, cases related to cybercrimes, protection of intellectual property rights on software and hardware and furnishing relevant agreements. 


Our office provides effective and qualified legal services, either in pre-trial interviews and in-court attorneyship, regarding cybercrime investigations and cases and also private law cases in the field of IT Law.

Many crimes such as unauthorized access to the information system, blocking the information system, unauthorized intervention in the information system and the crimes committed on the data in the system, crimes committed on the bank or credit card, malicious software, unlawful monitoring of traffic data, and information-mediated insults, threats, theft, fraud, and crimes against personal data can be counted in the field of IT law. In addition, unauthorized copying of computer programs, the use of unlicensed programs, and non-copyrighted publications on the Internet are also criminal conflicts which require expertise in IT law. 

You can obtain effective legal services from our expert attorneys in criminal law and IT Law in the investigations and criminal cases in which you are the victim or the actor of these crimes.

In addition, our office provides qualified legal services in declaratory and compensation actions for unlawful acts on information, in actions for forfeiture due to copyright infringement regarding copying software and computer programs, the use of unlicensed computer programs and in compensation actions regarding publications violating personal rights in the field of IT Law.


Our Office is expert in all day-to-day businesses of companies operating in the field of IT and agreements regarding IT of all companies and provides services starting from negotiation to execution of software agreements for work, license agreements, maintenance and development agreements, know-how agreements, penetration agreements and so forth. 


Our office, with expert attorneys in IT Law and academics or consultants working in the field of IT, provides training and consultancy services basically in IT law, cybercrimes, collection of digital (electronic) evidence, search and seizure of computers and computer forensics, banking crimes, criminal liability arising from company audit, computer use in the workplace, content removal from the Internet and social media management, cybersecurity and legal and technical protection against cybercrimes, artificial intelligence, protection of personal data, IT agreements and violation of intellectual property rights in IT environment and protection methods to the companies and public institutions in need.