Sports Law

Our firm provides qualified legal services in the field of Sports Law, with its expert lawyers, to sports clubs, athletes and individuals active in the field of sports within the scope hereinbelow;

• Criminal cases related to sports law (match-fixing, incentive bonus, athletic injuries and crimes committed in sports),
• Legal processes to be carried out against sanctions such as stadium bans and bans from the match and fines related to them,
• Representation of persons in arbitration proceedings to be held before Football Federation of Turkey and Sports General Directorate Arbitration Board regarding decisions of federations against sports clubs, athletes, technical and administrative staff,
• Attorneyship and pursuance services before the Dispute Resolution Board and judicial authorities related to the collection of contractual receivables,
• Preparation of contracts in between athletes, technical staff, player representatives and sports clubs, conducting contract negotiations and resolution of disputes arising from these agreements,
• Dispute resolution regarding transfers,
• Legal processes to be carried out against sanctions regarding doping use,
• Preparation of trademark, license and advertisement contracts regarding sports activities and related conflicts,
• Training services for sports clubs and public institutions at different levels on demand.​